Our Values

1) We do things out of love, not out of fear

Today, we find so many people making decisions based out of fear. Fear of uncertainty, fear of failure. We are here to inspire people to do (some) things out of love, however small.

We make movies because we love them and love making them.

2) Joy!

Making movies is a passion for us, as well as a joy. We work through all the creative and logistical challenges on and off set because there’s nothing in the world we’d rather be doing.

We hope to share this enthusiasm both on and off the screen.

3) It’s an experiment

We don’t believe there is one film that is “the one”. We recognize each film as an experiment to try new things and push boundaries. We strive to always improve and learn from our challenges.

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” as Ms. Frizzle says.

4) The best way to learn is to do

We have learned tons from school. And yet, we have learned infinitely more by simply going out, trying, making mistakes, sometimes failing, and learning. This is our education.

We hope to always be learning!

5) Provide the environment for people to grow

There is a theory of education that students are like plants: you don’t grow a plant, you provide the soil and the plant grows itself. The richer the soil, the better the plant can grow.

We hope to provide a suitably rich environment for everyone involved in CTADYOS and give them the chance to grow, both as humans and as filmmakers.

6) Community action brings us together

A film can be made by a few select individuals working alone. However, we have found it is a whole lot easier and more enjoyable to involve the community as a whole. We want the local community to feel it is their film, that they helped make it happen.

We strive to share the production process and engage the community as a whole as much as possible.

7) Sustainability, wherever possible

The film industry is reliant on an incredibly large amount of energy and resources that it doesn’t always offset or acknowledge.

Though we are a small company, we strive to not only choose sustainability in all our decisions but work towards regenerating the resources and environment we rely on for all we are and do.