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What we’ve been up to

January 2020

The Silent Beat gets a post-production finish date of April 30, 2020! The Goodbye Tour has a leading cast! The next few months are open and exciting.

December 2019

The screenplay for The Goodbye Tour is locked after two years of development and a call is put out for actors for the leading roles. Preproduction begins!

Summer 2019

The Silent Beat is picture locked!!! Moving onto color, sound, and music to really fill out this sound-centric story.

March 2019

We hold a test screening of The Silent Beat and learn TONS about the structure and how to make the film more effective.

Fall 2018

Carson moves to LA and takes over editing The Silent Beat, Connor takes off on an old motorcycle to try and see as much of the country and meet as many people as he can.

March 2018

Reshoots and b-roll for The Silent Beat, Carson finishes up teaching at the local school.

January 2018

Editing commences on The Silent Beat while everyone takes a much-needed break.

December 2017

Principal photography for The Silent Beat! We all have a blast and learn a lot.

November 2017

The cast and crew for The Silent Beat is assembled! The Kickstarter is funded! Everything in place for the shoot.

September 2017

Next location: Eatonton, GA.

Carson moves down, works on a new screenplay called The Silent Beat, and teaches film at the local school. Connor comes down in October to help with preproduction.

March 2017

Connor shows up in England and shows the new cut of An Inconsistent Story in Stealing to a packed auditorium at the Sherborne School, followed by a Q&A.

January-February 2017

Connor works with Sean and Kirk to smooth out the audio and record new music to fill out the score.

December 22, 2016

Screening of An Inconsistent Story in Stealing to a packed auditorium at the Westport Town Hall. A night to remember.

Fall 2016

Picture lock! Connor works with Kirk and Sean to create foley, a sound mix, and a score for An Inconsistent Story in Stealing. Carson comes back near the holidays to work on color grading.

September 2016

Carson moves to England to teach film at the Sherborne School, Connor gets to work editing An Inconsistent Story in Stealing.

August 2016

Principal photography for An Inconsistent Story in Stealing. We have an absolute blast, have tons of adventures, and get every shot we’re looking for (except two, only due to scheduling).

Spring and Summer 2016

Connor comes back to Westport and begins preproduction for An Inconsistent Story in Stealing, while also teaching a filmmaking class to kids at the Westport Library.

Winter 2016-2017

Connor in India and Nepal, Carson about to graduate college. A little unsure of what to do, they remember some of the most fun they can remember having was filming Ryan Hood. They decide to do it again.

Fall 2013

Ryan Hood screens in a small theater in Toquet Hall, a local teen center that features prominently in the film. (this after an all-nighter of editing, color grading, and special effects)

Summer 2013

Tired of the limiting feelings of the film programs at their respective schools, Carson and Connor set out to film a 60 minute film in 6 days, using actors from their high school and people they know around town. It cost about $60 (some police vests they couldn’t return and ingredients for a “thank you” cake for the cast and crew). This is Ryan Hood.